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 제목 |  3-2세부: Ahmed Oun (과제책임자: 임종환) - 박세정 (3-1세부)
 작성자 |  Admin   작성일 |  2017/05/25 12:21 pm
I saw the poster well about 'Preparation and characterization of carboxymethyl cellulose-based nanocomposite films reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals isolated by ammonium persulfate method'.

I have a simple question. I know that CMC's base film is sensitive to moisture, temperature, acidity and so on.
When you talked about the applicability as a food packaging film in conclusion, I wonder if there is a problem in fermented foods that produce acidity.
I also wonder about the food that the developed film can actually be applied for.

Thank you.


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