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 제목 |  3-1세부: 제이산샬랄라이(과제책임자: 이동선) - 양정화 (1-1세부)
 작성자 |  Admin   작성일 |  2017/05/24 2:42 pm
I think it would be useful to use this CO2 absorbent to make the CO2 concentration in the packaging of the fermented food that produces carbon dioxide during the storage period the optimum CO2 concentration of the food.

I have a little question. Is it possible to maintain the expected CO2 concentration when storing food at different temperatures, except for the storage temperature mentioned (10℃)? I know that the transmittance of a film has a temperature dependency which depends on the temperature.
And I wonder if you've ever applied it to real food.
Also, I wonder how to proceed with experiments to predict the optimum CO2 concentration of the fermented food when it is applied to actual fermented food.

Thank you.


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